About Reignite

We Live, We Love,
We Serve

So what is Reignite?


Reignite is the call laid upon the heart of our founder Jesse Bills in 2019. It is a place that looks be an ambassador to bringing God's kingdom here on earth. We do this by partnering with the local church to host community events that bring folks from different walks of life together in a safe space to grow and explore Jesus Christ. We will also use only mediums like social media, YouTube, and this website to reach people with Bible teaching right where they are already spending so much time. It is our goal to post weekly teaching sessions where we simpliy have a conversation over a chapter of Scripture. These are not meant to be a replacement to being a part of a local church but in addition to membership in a local church and to strengthen our local churches in both number and in growing closer to God. 

In addition to our weekly teaching sessions and community events Reignite looks forward to offering things like book recommendations, testimonies, and the sharing of resources that helps us all grow closer to Jesus Christ. 

We look forward to the future and the things that God has in store for this young ministry, and where he may lead us on this journey.

Thank you for stumbling upon us and we pray that God moves through the resources that are available from Reignite to bring you closer to the one True God and his Son Jesus Christ. 

In Christ Service, 

To Know and Show the love of Jesus Christ 

Our Beliefs

Believing the Bible to be our final authority for faith and Christian living, we affirm the following:

  • That the universe is the purposeful creation of a personal, loving, almighty God.

  • That all human beings are made in the image of the Creator and are of infinite worth.

  • That our world is under the sway of sin as a result of a historical and a personal human rebellion against God, so that suffering, death and separation from God are the experience of humankind; and that without the intervention of God's grace, this will be the eternal state of all persons.

  • That Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, through his virgin birth, sinless life, sacrificial death on the Cross, and glorious resurrection and ascension, graciously offers new life to all who receive him by faith.

  • That the Holy Spirit, indwelling believers, gives them a desire and an ability to follow biblical standards of conduct in their personal lives and in society.

  • That the Christian faith is lived in the community of the church, where worship and witness are  embodied through the spiritual gifts of its members.

  • That Jesus Christ will return to this world, bring an end to history as we know it, inaugurate the final judgment, and welcome believers into his eternal kingdom.


To Learn more about the beliefs shared by both Reignite and the Evangelical Congregational church explore the "about us" section of their website by using the link below. 

Get to Know Jesse 

I live in Gap, Pennsylvania and attend Pequea EC Church in the same town. Some things about me you might not learn through seminary are...
1. I love NASCAR and attend multiple races per year.
2. I love to vacation in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
3. I love hiking and being outdoors in just about any way that I can.
Finally, before answering the call to pastoral ministry I spent five years working as a used car salesman. I always say, "If God can take a used car salesman and turn him into a pastor, imagine the transformation he can make in your life."

In our society we measure an items worth by what someone is willing to pay for it, well Jesus Christ, was willing to pay it all out of His love for us. Even the price of a cruel death on a cross. We must be of indescribable worth to Jesus then - right? There was not anything that Jesus Christ avoided to live out the fullness of His love for you, wouldn't it make sense if we attempted to do the same thing in our lives, live out the fullness of Christ's love in all that we do.

This is my passion, to help people know and then show the love of Jesus Christ.